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Disc Bulge Treatment in Nadipathy

The Spine is divided into four sections, and each section is referred to letter
·         Cervical  (neck)----C
·         Lumbar (lower back)---L
·         Thoracic (chest)------T

·         Sacral (pelvis)--------S
Disc bulging

Our spinal cord comprises of many bones known as vertebrae, each of which is separated by a disc. The disc is wrapped by the many layers of strong connective tissue.  In the middle of the disc comprises a jelly like substance which is capable for flexibility. When this jelly like substance leaked from the disc due to tear in connective tissue, it is called lumbar disc bulge.

                 Bulging Disc is most commonly in injury of spine. It can occur in lumbar spine (lower back) thoracic spine (upper and mid back) cervical spine (neck).
Lumbar disc bulge most commonly occur in people, who have heavy work on sitting and bending positions. Approximately 90 percent disc bulges occur in lumbar region. The most common lumbar disc bulging is seen between L4 and L5, and between vertebra L5 and S1 causing pain in theL5 nerve or S1 spinal nerve respectively.


·         Pain after standing and sitting
·         Headache especially in back of the head
·         Numbness or abnormal sensation of whole body
·         Feel pain over buttocks, thigh, lower leg, foot
·         Sleepless
·         Pain get worse during nights

Reasons of lumbar disc bulge
·        Being over weight
·        Having the job with more bending and lifting
·        Spine injury or surgery
·        Gastric problems
·        Ruptured discs
·        Severe arthritis
·        Poor posture
·        Wallet on the back pocket

Why should we go to Nadipathy?

           Many of the treatments are available to cure lumbar disc bulge. But they are giving unnecessary medicines to internal body, that given temporary relief to problem.  It will need much time as months (or) years.  Sometimes they are doing harmful surgeries to spine. This will cause side effects to spinal cord.  Nadipathy treated many of lumbar disc bulge patients without using any medicines.  In our research we find that due to compression of spinal nerves to spinal cord, it does not work properly to function.  So we are giving sufficient energy to spinal cord through certain Nadi’s present in our body. 

We diagnose the problem through:
NADI DIAGNOSE:             
           NADI can be measured in the superficial, middle, and deep levels thus obtaining more information regarding energy imbalance of the patient. When the body becomes weak due to any sudden incident or due to food habits or due to changes in the nature. If any one of the Nadi not working properly it multiplies gradually (i.e. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 ...) .decreases its energy .That reflects gradually in the subtle body and it change as disease on the Physical body. Modern Doctors can recognize diseases only at this stage.
            Our body is making up with 72,000 Nadi’s, all the Nadi’s are inter-linked to every organ function. If there is any blockage to such Nadi, it does not work properly. So those organs get lack of energy to function normally. Before to the treatment, Nadipathy treats on the root cause of particular Nadi blockage through Nadi diagnosis.
Treatment method:  
         By using Acupuncture, Acupressure, Marma therapy, Vedic therapy, Magnet therapy, Seed therapy, Massage therapy, Cupping therapy, Detoxification therapy, Naturopathy, Beach sand therapy, and some other natural therapies to remove the waste materials & excess heat present inside the body. We treat the spinal cord function as normal with 0% side effects. The duration of the treatment was 1 day – to 1 week.
           Nadipathy treatment will tell you what the healthy lifestyles are for cervical spondylosis patients and what kind of life habits should be avoided. Which kind of patients should do some mild exercises and under what circumstances should patients have good rest and totally avoid exercises.
           Nadipathy  can not only be used to treated the problem, it can also be used by those that are at high risk of developing chronic problems and healthy people to help prevent other diseases and help strengthen the patient’s physical fitness and make them live more healthier life.
          If Nadipathy treatment is received early, it can help prevent the patient’s disease, so as to help avoid entering in to surgeries.

Acupuncture Treatment

          In Acupuncture treatment needles are inserted into patient’s skin. Fine needles are inserted at specific points to stimulate, disperse, and regulate the flow of vital energy, and restore a healthy energy balance.

Acupressure Treatment

In acupressure treatment, physical pressure applied to acupressure points with the aim of clearing blockages in these meridians. Pressure may applied by hand, elbow or with various body parts.

Magnet therapy

Magnet therapy involves in disc bulge treatment, increase the blood circulation and pain relief.Placing magnets over areas of pain or disease strengthens the body’s healing ability.

Cupping therapy

Cupping therapy in volutes in disc bulging treatment of open the meridians of the body. Energy flows to every part of the body and through every organs and tissues. More benefits of cupping therapy of Decreases or relief body pains, inflammations.

Seed therapy

   Seed therapy involves in efficiency of body, it balance the blood circulation among the nervous of the body and increase the immunity of the body.

 Marma therapy

           It was very popular therapy, vital energy flows through 2, 72, 00 nadis/ channels. In this marma therapy eliminating the obstructions in subtle body channels, and allowing the free flow of vital energy passes.
Massage therapy

Massage therapy involves the mobilization of the proper joints movements, and prevents the back pain of L4- L5.
Vedic therapy

           In this therapy the adjustment of body chakras, activate the nerves system on the spinal cord, and adjusting the fingers of the hand and toes would release bad energy and get relieved.
Manipulation of discs in spine.

Detoxification therapy
asting is also one of the detoxification methods. A technique used to cleanse the body of Chemicals, pollutants and other toxins to improve
overall health. Conditions such as asthma, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity, and many others are strongly influenced by exposure to toxic or allergenic substances in the environment. Industrial pollutants like lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic, are by-products of industry.
Beach sand therapy

Beach sand consists of high level of various minerals like magnesium, iodine. Which may helps to fight infections and potentially helps the body and detoxify.

Home remedies for disc bulge:
·        Rest
·        Walking
·        Yoga
·        Select right mattresses
·        Drink plenty of water
·        Eat healthy
·        Epsom salt is one of the pain healers. Simply add 1-4 cups of Epsom salt and       fill with warm water in bath tub and gently massage whole boby of few                 minutes.

Yoga for disc bulge









Ardha salabasana





Chaturanga dhandasana

Avoid exercises in disc bulge

Straight leg lift

Leg press



            Weight lifting     

Continuous Running in hard land

What type of food is following:

          A healthy diet is followed to reducing pain. A healthy diet consists of vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins. A trace element of calcium is main role of bone development of spine. Disc bulge patients are balanced diet is follows, then the pain is reduced.
In ayurvedic theory of vatta is causes in nervous problems. Then underground of earth vegetables are not eat.
·         Drink plenty of water. Water helps in hydrated nutrients are travel to main organs in the body, and helps to remove waste, and helps protect to joints and organs.
·         Most important element is calcium, calcium rich foods are dairy foods like milk, yogurt, and cheese. Calcium is also present in green leafy vegetables are broccoli, spinach etc...peanuts, almonds to eat.
·       Obesity leads to the back pain. Flax seeds are eating, then loss of weight. 

                                     Diet chart

Peas, bitter guard
Carrot, palak, menthi
Cabbage, peach, red gram
 Musk melon                                                                               
Cauliflower, beans
Lady’s finger, cucumber
 Papaya, straw berries
Cashew nut
Ridge guard, bottle guard
 Custard apple, Pine apple         
Dry dates

 AVOID:  Sweets, Fast foods, non-veg, fry –items, masala foods, oil foods, salted foods, tomato, pickles, potato,  pizza, burger, soya beans, drumstick, grapes, ,brinjal, pumpkin, , vinegar, tamarind, alcohol, cool drinks.

Do not avoid the all seasonal fruits and all vegetables.


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